This line of footwear ensures maximum resilience and safety. Equipped with a system in the heel and toecap to cushion blows. The midsole is designed to protect feet from any shocks, and guarantees comfort and stability.

The Support System is an effective heel locking system designed to get perfect control of the foot through optimum adherence during all phases of movement. The fit is always comfortable and secure (tread with greater control and stability).

Insulating, breathable removable insole lining. Midsole made of PU with low specific weight. Anatomic, perforated to get fantastic breathability, removable and antibacterial. It does not hold back odours. Insert that cushions the upper bending point of the upper, offering total comfort to walking. Shoes fitted with inserts made of reflecting materials offering greater visibility and safety.

Perforation-resistant steel sheet outperforming the values required by the standards. Possibility to apply a non-metallic antiperforation midsole. 3D Airmesh lining: Lining made of tear and abrasion-resistant ladder-proof mesh fabric (25,600 cycles dry) that is very breathable. It creates an air circulation effect through a 3D air space.